Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spot Fixing - Is anything un-fixed?

The recent spot fixing fiasco in Delhi  in connection to the Indian Premier League has shaken my confidence in the game.

If reports are true and the three arrested cricketers have actually confessed then the BCCI should take a very tough stand. They must at-least announce the suspension of the arrested trio from all BCCI events until their name is cleared.

The police have said that the arrested cricketers Shreesanth, Ankit Chavan and Ajit Chandila, all three from Rajasthan Royals IPL team, have confessed to their involvement in the spot fixing controversy. The Police Commissioner of Dehli has addressed the nation saying that there is solid evidence against the three and that he was sure of getting their convictions.

Yet, surprisingly, so little is being done by the people in position in India's cricket control board, the BCCI. The outcome of the meeting of the BCCI top-gun on Sunday afternoon was a absolute turn down. It seems that the management of BCCI is not interested in clearing up the mess.

BCCI - please do something. Cricket is the most liked sport in India and everything must be done to maintain its credibility.

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