Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is this financial clout?

BCCI seems to have done it again. It has once again used its clout to affect the judgement of one more disciplinary action in the international cricketing circles.

This time it has used its clout to have the suspension of Shoaib Akhtar suitably suspended so that he could play for Shahrukh Khan's team - Kolkata Knight Riders. The day the judgement against Shoaib had been announced Lalit Modi had gone public saying that he would ensure that Shoaib plays in the Indian Premier League.

He has moved subtlely but surely and done what he had promised.

I am not against Shoaib Akhtar playing in the IPL matches. He is a good player and it would be a pleasure to watch him in action. However, it surely surprises me how the Indian cricket board is using its clout to influence the way the game is governed internationally.

On one hand it has initiated proceedings against Harbhajan Singh and suspended for striking fellow player Shreesanth and at the same time it has apparently coaxed and influenced another country's cricket board, that too in a very similar case where the judgement had been passed against Shoaib for entering into a brawl with his fellow teammate.

The board had used its clout only recently when Harbhajan Singh had been suspended by the match referee in Australia for the alleged racist comments passed by him during an arguement with Andrew Symonds.